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Electrical engineer specialized in sustainable energy technology, loves physics, cooking and travelling.

The new target is to go beyond net-zero emissions and be emission negative!

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The world is facing its toughest challenge yet to reduce its carbon emissions. Earth has been heating up due to the blanket of gas trapped in its atmosphere and has triggered climate change. The average global temperature has risen by 1-degree Celsius and is expected to rise further by 4 degrees if we don't take any action. The existence of our species depends on the steps we take in the decade to come.

Research shows that humans have emitted more than 1.5 trillion metric tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This began after the first industrial revolution in the…

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What are the obstacles and chances that solar energy businesses should account for?

One of the most widely discussed and debated topics of the world is climate change and energy transition, which is an after-effect of the former. Solar-powered electricity is one of the front runners for generating clean electricity. According to a recent story, covering 2% of urban areas with solar panels could power entire humanity. It might sound to be very elegant but is a very theoretical solution.

Engineers and entrepreneurs focus on the execution of ideas. which forced me to ask myself a lot of questions. This story is the result of my thought process! Aspiring solar energy entrepreneurs should…

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How do we transform our normal buildings into sustainable buildings?

We spend two-thirds of each day inside a building. It could be our home, office, supermarkets or movie theatres. To make our stay comfortable, buildings use energy in the form of electricity and heating. This makes our buildings, an important contributor to carbon emissions. Commercial and industrial buildings account for 17.5% of the total carbon emissions around the globe. To achieve the daunting task of reducing our carbon emissions to zero by 2050, the conversion of normal buildings to sustainable buildings is key.

Sustainability Triangle

Carbon emissions of a building could be curbed by using the sustainability triangle. …

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

How are new-age technologies changing the industries of the past!

We live in a world with a number of diverse trades. At one end, there are established industries like power plants, petrochemicals, chemicals, and construction. Without the products from these industries, our day-to-day life would become unimaginable. On the other end, there are technologies that look promising for widespread implementation in the future like Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data analytics. The majority of people might associate VR and AI with entertainment, gaming, and cool robots. …

An opinion

Yellow barrels with the biohazard symbol on them in front of a nuclear power plant.
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The world is on a mission to become carbon neutral by the year 2050. Energy consumption of the world in the form of electricity, heat, and transportation contributes to 73.2% of the total carbon emissions. There is no one-stop solution to reduce carbon emissions. This originates from the fact that emissions are spread across various sectors and the solution shall be tailor-made for each sector.

Renewable energy sources like solar, wind, biomass, and hydropower emit very little carbon emissions. Media sources give a lot of coverage to wind and solar energy and tout widespread implementation of these sources to solve…

New technological advancements happening in the field of healthcare

As the old saying goes “Health is Wealth”. Healthcare is one of the most widely discussed topics in the media after the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 proved that our healthcare infrastructure was not prepared for handling a pandemic. Right now, there is a lot of emphasis on equipping ourselves with better research facilities for faster vaccine development.

At the same time, it is not to be forgotten that other healthcare issues did not get the needed attention during the pandemic. …

The incredible story of how one component reshaped the world of digital technology.

The world today has an abundance of electronic gadgets. Every gadget has a microchip that acts as the brain of the device. What is a microchip? A microchip is a silicon roadway with a grid of microwires that control the traffic of electrons. Our homes have switches that control the flow of electrons which helps us switch on and off the lights. How does a microchip control the flow of electrons? It is a transistor that controls the electron flow similar to a switch in our living rooms.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Vacuum tubes

Before the invention of the transistor, vacuum tube technology was used to…

Does the future hold possibilities for charging your EV dynamically during the drive?

You are heading out for an important official meeting and you realize that your smartphone battery is dead! The first thought which would strike you is to recharge your phone during your drive to the meeting. All the cars today are equipped with a mobile charging point that helps you do that.

Now, let us imagine another hypothetical situation: You are a proud owner of an electric vehicle(EV) and you had forgotten to plug in your car to the charger, the previous night. You do not have time to recharge your car before you head out. What do you do…

Why did Medium choose to go for clapping?

Clapping is the most natural way we appreciate someone for their achievement. Medium adopted the virtual clone of the same gesture to appreciate the authors in this platform. I had equated the Medium clap with the likes of Facebook or thumbs-up of LinkedIn. Last week, I realized that the Medium clap is not similar, but it tries to simulate the real action of clapping. How’s that?

How do we clap naturally?

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

It is not one clap but a series of claps along with the crowd which reverberates in the ears of the receiver. Medium helps us do the same, with…

Is Edison’s DC grid making a comeback?


In the present world we live in, can we imagine a life without electricity? I believe not. Recent disruptions of electricity in Texas due to extreme weather conditions made the lives of people very difficult. Electricity is brought to us through the power system or electricity grid, which I consider the biggest man-made machine in the world. The power system between continents are interlinked and therefore influences each other with its rotational inertia.

Global settlement-level power grid interconnection (By Dimitry Gershenson, Brandon Rohrer, Anna Lerner)

The first electricity grid of the world was established at Pearl street, Manhattan in the USA which began operation in the year 1882. It started with a…

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